Saturday, April 11, 2015

Welcome, Wayne county readers!

Since it began last August, "Crumbs of Comfort" has accumulated 150 posts and almost 8,000 page views from readers in six nations. Recently it was added to the Web site of the Wayne Independent. Established in 1878, the Independent has a circulation of about 4,200 and is published in the Wayne County seat, Honesdale, PA, the birthplace of American railroading. Back in the '60s, as a counselor at Camp Elektor on Lake Teedyuskung, I often took campers on hikes to Honesdale, where we enjoyed bowling and lunch at Kreitner's Restaurant or Steve's Diner, and played on the wobbly chain bridge across the river. At camp I realized it's not the trophies or awards that matter most. It's the friendships, which often last an entire lifetime.

Half-a-century later, I realize it's not Christmas gifts or birthday parties that matter most to my grandson. It's the time we spend together -- hours when he's the most important person in my life. Whether we're playing a game or watching TV, he records every moment in a treasure chest of memory that he'll cherish even more decades from now, when I too am a recollection.

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