Wednesday, April 15, 2015

He asked her every year to adopt him

Today's crumb comes from an alert reader in Redlands, CA, USA. A lady named Connie Going, 52, is an adoption case worker in St. Petersburg, FL. One of her "cases" was a child named Davion Only. Connie first met Davion when he was seven, but he'd been in foster care since birth since his real mother was in jail. When he was 13, after he learned his birth mother had died, he spoke to a local church asking for adoption. "I know God hasn't given up on me," he said, "so I'm not giving up either."  His plea went viral and over 10,000 people called to ask about his case. He was assigned to a family in Ohio, but it didn't work out and he was returned to Florida. That's when he asked Connie the same question he'd asked every year since he was seven. Would SHE adopt him?

                                                                              Photo by Melissa Lyttle/Tampa Bay Times

She was divorced, and had declined every year, feeling that Davion deserved more than she could offer. But this time was different. "In adoption there is a 'claiming moment' when you know (someone is) your child," she explained. "When he asked me, my heart felt this ache and I just knew he was my son. I want him to know he is unconditionally loved for who he is, the way he is," she said. "He is home."

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