Sunday, April 19, 2015

Terre Haute's youngest police officer

Terre Haute, IN, police chief John Plasse calls Perry Edington, Jr. a hero. Perry's family agrees, and cheered when Plasse presented Perry with badge No. 802 and an ID card, making him the youngest honorary officer of the Terre Haute Police Department. How did Perry earn his shield?

"He did what any hero would do," said Plasse. In 2014, when Perry was 8, he was living with his Mom and younger sister at a motel in Terre Haute. In April, a convicted child molester grabbed his sister and attempted to molest her in a motel room. When Perry realized she was in trouble, he pounded on the door, but when that didn't work, he rushed to tell his Mom and other adults, resulting in his sister's rescue. Plassse said Perry's quick action probably saved his sister's life. But that's not all. 

"He was fantastic at the trial," said Chief Deputy Prosecutor Rob Roberts. He testified against the suspect, who was sentenced to 114 years in prison. "Perry doesn't realize the enormity of what he did in a society where too many people don't want to be involved, he sprang into action that day," said Roberts.

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