Friday, April 17, 2015

Real friends don't count extra chromosomes

Springtime is prom season in the United States -- a time for students to celebrate completing another year of high school with a formal dance.  Guys rent tuxedos and girls wear the most glamorous gown they can afford. But for Mikenzy Snell and Matt Pliska of Waupaca, MI, it was an opportunity send a message which deserves to go viral. "Real friends don't count extra chromosomes."

It all began when Mikenzy went on a fifth-grade field trip. Each child was assigned a partner, and her partner was Matt. He was already a leukemia survivor, and had Down Syndrome, but Mikenzy didn't notice that. She saw the real Matt, and she liked him, a lot. They have been best friends in every grade of school since that trip. "He's such a positive person," says Mikenzy. And how does Matt feel about her? He says, "Honestly, I love."

Matt got elected to Prom Court at the dance, and nobody was surprised. Asked about their future, Mikenzy predicted, "I think it'll be a forever friendship."

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