Saturday, April 18, 2015

來自中國屑 (A crumb from China)

Yin Yunfeng, 27, is a Chinese soldier stationed at an isolated outpost in Tibet. He only sees his wife, Zhao Mai, 26, for a few weeks each year. She lives in the city of Anshui in China's Guizhou province, where she's a very busy middle-school teacher. In fact, she's so busy that she doesn't always have time to prepare supper for herself. When Yin learned this, it made him sad, so during his last visit home, he went on a cooking spree. To make sure his wife was well fed, he prepared a year's worth of suppers, including 1,000 dumplings and about 40 gallons of her favorite noodle soup, plus dozens of homemade meals, each neatly packaged and stored in their fridge or at the homes of friends.

And her hubby didn't stop there. In case Zhao needed cheering up, he hid sweet treats with handwritten love notes all round their apartment. He'll reveal their whereabouts in phone calls and letters through the year. In his first letter, he wrote, "You can find a bag of raisins at the back of the sofa in the living room."

"I have to admit his food packages help me keep going," Zhao said. "In some way, every time I have a meal, I know he's with me." Her meals are literal crumbs of comfort.

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