Monday, April 27, 2015

Son forgives mother for discarding him at birth

It happened in November, 1989. Michael Bueina was a police officer in Santa Ana, CA. One night he heard a faint sound coming from a trash bin. Curious, he began sifting through the trash until he found a baby with his umbilical cord still attached. The baby was four hours old and weighed 4 pounds, two ounces. "He still had all that mucus and stuff," Bueina recalls, "and all the trash was sticking to him. I tried to give him a little bit of breath, and he reacted a little bit." Later, Bueina hoped to adopt the baby, but another family adopted him. They named him Robin Barton. "I hoped I would see him again," says Bueina, and recently they had an emotional reunion. Robin is now 25.

After Robin was rescued from the trash bin by Officer Bucina, his 19-year-old mother, Sarina Diaz, was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison for child endangerment and attempted murder. She now lives in Mexico and would like to know him. So how does Robin feel about his birth-mother today? He says he was blessed by a great family who raised him, and hopes to meet her. "I'm not angry or upset with her, and I forgive her, because she was a young woman in a very compromising position," he said.

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