Friday, April 10, 2015

Feeding hungry children

Boys and girls in Warrick County, IN, are sometimes hungry when they come to school on Monday morning. To fill their tummies and help them focus on learning, Oakdale Elementary School and Loge Elementary School launched a Weekend Backpack Program. It sends kids home with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks for Saturday and Sunday. The schools let children contribute to the cost of Backpacks. One Monday, kids could ride trikes and scooters in the hallways for $1. On a recent Thursday, students who dontated $1 were taught to dance and when music came on the intercom, they danced as a flash mob. Or they could send a candygram for $1.

But these are only token donations. The program is funded by a $6,000 grant from the well-known Christian Science Society Trust. When the Christian Science church in Warrick County disbanded in 1994, its assets were converted to a trust. Income from the trust is awarded annually as grants to non-profit charity, civic, educational or community organizations in the county, including those that administer to the needs of those less fortunate. To read the trust document, visit

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