Saturday, January 26, 2019

Unpaid federal workers get peanut butter

Eric "Beans" McKay from Woodbridge, Virginia, has autism and is sensitive to the taste and texture of foods. But he loves peanut butter. When his mom saw Lidl had his favorite brand on sale, she bought 72 jars, and he challenged himself to finish all of them. Last October he finally made it, and wrote to the Lidl grocery store chain saying it was time for another sale.

Lidl wrote back that if Bean could get 72,000 retweets on his original post, they'd give him a lifetime supply. After three months, he accumulated 76,000 retweets and stopped by a nearby Lidl supply facility where he was gifted 5 years worth of peanut butter. His dad was a furloughed federal worker, so Bean decided to give away his free peanut butter to unpaid government workers, who are now invited to pick up three jars of free peanut butter at the Lidl store in Dumfries, courtesy of Beans.

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