Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Here, kitty, kitty!

Jason Smith is an officer with the North Kansas City (Missouri) police department. Last December he was patrolling I-29, and when he approached Bedford Avenue, he noticed a small kitten perched on top of a concrete barrier dividing the highway's north and southbound lanes. If the kitten jumped either way, she'd lose all her nine lives at once. Here she is.

First, Officer Smith called for back-up to slow down traffic on the highway. Then he got out of his car to rescue the feline. At first the kitty was not happy about being grabbed, but as soon as she got inside the warm squad car, she relaxed and began exploring. In the process, she accidentally set off the siren. After receiving a medical check-up, the kitty was adopted by Smith's family, who have named her Bella, ending a purr-fect day for her.

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