Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Alert bus driver saves lost toddler

Irena Ivic has been driving a bus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for five years. The routes were mostly routine until 8 a.m. last December 22, when she noticed a baby girl wandering barefoot and alone on the side of a highway overpass.

Recently released security video (see photo above) shows Ivic stopping the bus, jumping out and securing the child, who was dressed in a onesie and diaper in frigid weather. "Oh my God, I'm shaking," Ivic is heard saying as she holds the baby in her arms. She then brought the baby aboard the bus where a passenger loaned the infant a jacket.  Authorities were able to reunite the baby with her father, Hasan Ali Abdul Kasim, who believes his mentally disturbed wife took the child to church across the freeway and later forgot about her. The child was not hurt, and no charges have been filed. Speaking of Ivic, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said she "did a lot more than her job. She did the right thing."

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