Saturday, January 19, 2019

Rescuers don't want reward money

Authorities offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of Jayme Closs. She lives in Barron, Wisconsin, and was abducted against her will last October 15, after her parents were murdered. We now know the 13-year-old was kidnapped by Jake Patterson, 21, and held in his home in Gordon, Wisconsin. She was his captive for three months, until one day he made her lay beneath a bed while he left the home.

She managed to push away the heavy bins he used to block the bed, put on a pair of his shoes, and fled, seeking help. That's when she met Jeanne Nutter, who was walking her dog. Jayme asked for help and Nutter took her to her neighbors, Peter and Kristin Kasinskas, who called 911 and guarded Jayme with a loaded rifle until police arrived. They said she appeared "thin, dirty and very tired." Now the Kasinskas are refusing the $50,000 reward. According to Peter Kasinskas, "If anyone, Jayme should get it, because she got herself out." Police also regard Jayme as a hero for escaping her confinement.

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