Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Getting a "free ride" to college

For the past eight years, 76-year-old Paul Goetchius, a retired toxicologist, has been offering free rides to college students -- not a free tuition ride, but an actual free ride in his car. Since he first started volunteering his automobile to college students, he's logged about 64,000 miles getting them to class on time.

His passengers have gone on to become doctors, teachers and visual marketers, but what they also got from school was Goetchius as a role model and friend. Some call him "Grandpa." Nina Irby rode with Goetchius for all four years of college. She said it meant much more than transportation. "You're not just sitting there with your headphones on," she remembered. "He asks you questions and actually remembers what you tell him, so the next time you ride, he'll check on those things.

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