Saturday, December 15, 2018

Voting for snowball fights

Dane Best is nine years old and lives in Severance, Colorado, a small town outside Fort Collins. For almost a century, Severance had a law on the books banning snowball fights. It said you can't throw objects at people, animals or property. It meant rocks that might hurt someone. Nobody was ever arrested for throwing snowballs, but technically, snowball fights were illegal.

Recently Dane put on his best bow tie and went to a city council meeting. He gave a three minute speech on why the law is unjust. After he was done, the city council voted unanimously to overturn the law. Then the mayor presented Dane with two snowballs outside. And he and his four-year-old brother got into the first legal snowball fight in the town's history. In the future, he plans to argue against a law that says people can only have three pets. He has four, so he's fostering an illegal guinea pig.

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