Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Meeting Wonder Woman in person

It happened on December 11, 2015. Nancy Jundi of Los Angeles, California, stopped for coffee at a 7-Eleven when a four-year-old girl saw her, hid behind her mother, and screamed. Then she started to cry, and as her Mom stooped to comfort her, the child whispered something. In broken English, the mother told Nancy, "She thinks you're Wonder Woman. You're her favorite. Could you...I'm so sorry." So Nancy bent down to speak with the child, who asked, "Why aren't you wearing your uniform?" Nancy explained she worked with non-super heroes during the day. "But when do you wear your boots and tiara?" the youngster asked.
"I'll tell you a secret," Nancy said. "Even when you can't see it, I'm wearing my crown. It's like my invisible Jet. Want to touch it?" The little girl froze. She was so excited. She touched my head and smiled, saying "You have hair just like mine!" Nancy asked if the child would like her crown, since "I have more, I promise, but I want you to have this one." The child hugged Nancy and thanked her. Looking back, Nancy hopes that, "Until something in this world tells her differently, she'll carry herself like she's wearing that crown, and hopefully it will help her if the world ever tells her she's less than worthy."

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