Sunday, December 9, 2018

This library is a haven of safety

The Haskell Free Library straddles the national border between the US and Canada. It's actually on the border between Quebec and Vermont. It has parking lots in each nation, but there is only one entrance. It's an unlikely haven where immigrants from both countries can meet safely. No passport is required to enter the library, so families can meet here without fear of being detained or prevented from returning to the US.

According to former library board member Susan Granfors, "You park on your side. I'll park on my side, but we're all going through the same door." Iranian student Shirin Estahbenati drove six hours north from New York City to see her parents for the first time in almost three years. While she hugged her parents amid walls of library books, she said she wished she could stop all the clocks all over the world so their reunion would never end.

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