Thursday, December 13, 2018

A compassionate stranger

Kelsey Rae Zwick was flying from Orlando to Philadelphia with her 11-month-old daughter Lucy earlier this month. Lucy suffers from chronic lung disease, and they were going to the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. Kelsey was pushing a stroller, had a diaper bag on one arm, and was lugged an oxygen machine for Lucy. But as they settled into their pre-assigned seats, something unexpected happened.

A flight attendant approached them and said there was a man seated in first-class who wanted to switch seats with her. Kelsey remembers, "I cried my way up the aisle while my daughter Lucy laughed." She thanked the kind man as they passed, but added more on a social media post that went viral. "Thank you. Not just for the seat itself but for noticing. For seeing us and realizing that maybe things are not always easy. It reminded us how much good there is in this world. I can't wait to tell Lucy someday, and meantime, we will pay it forward."

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