Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Long-lost love letter recovered

Jason Holcomb always knew his grandparents, Max and Martha, loved each other. But he'd never seen a love letter Max wrote to Martha in 1954, until this month. It all began at the Walmart in Dalton, Georgia, where employee Jennifer Hendrix learned that one of her co-workers found a letter on the floor of the store. It was dated July 30, 1954, and was from a serviceman (Max) to his sweetheart (Martha) saying how he'd be home in 15 days and they'd get married.

Hendrix was determined to return the letter to its owners. In her research, she discovered that both Max and Martha are deceased, but according to Max's obituary, he was survived by a grandson named Jason Holcomb. Hendrix found Holcomb on Facebook and sent him a message about her discovery. He messaged back, "Can you call me?" so she did. Holcomb said his family never knew about the letter, and he was emotional when reading the words of his late grandfather. "They were defiantly selfless people," he said later. "They always thought about each other before they did anything."

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