Friday, December 28, 2018

Giving away everything

Kim Ringeisen is a combat veteran with 15 years of search and rescue experience. He was recently deployed to search for survivors in Paradise, California, after a devastating fire destroyed most of the town. He searched about 100 homes, and when he returned home, he and his wife Annette decided to do more.

They will be moving to North Carolina soon, and instead of paying to ship all their furniture and household goods, they opted to donate everything to the 40 firefighters who lost their homes in the wildfires. Except for a few sentimental possessions, they filled up this 26-foot truck with the contents of their house. They also donated everything in their storage unit, and since Annette makes dolls for a living, she packaged up dozens of homemade toys as Christmas gifts for the children of firefighters.

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  1. We just moved cross country 2x in 3 yrs, could have saved a pile of money, not to mention equally as much frustration if we had done this. It will be on the table for consideration for the next move. Genius idea!