Thursday, September 7, 2017

Spontaneous flash mob in subway station

It happened in a place filled with history. The subway in Boston, Massachusetts, known for many years as the MTA, was the first one ever built in the United States. It's first anchor station, Park Street, was beneath the Boston Common at the corner of Park and Tremont streets. It was placed there to relieve street level trolly congestion. It opened on September 1, 1897, just a few months after the first Boston Marathon. Since then, it has been expanded as a transfer point for the Red and Green Lines. The Red Line uses rapid transit subway cars, but the Green Line still uses trolly cars, since some Green Line tracks run above ground outside the city.

Park Street serves over 19,000 passengers each week-day, and musicians often perform on the platform for contributions.  But something happened this month for the very first time. An unknown man, shown above, began playing and singing "Sweet Caroline" during rush hour. Passengers were crowded along both sides of the track, waiting for trains. When they heard him sing, they ALL joined in spontaneously! If you'd like to see this event, visit the link shown below, and please excuse any ads you must endure. Just scroll down and click "play video" You won't be sorry, especially if you've ever ridden the MTA through the Park Street station during rush hour.

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