Tuesday, September 5, 2017

He sings because he's happy

Today's crumb is recommended by a faithful reader in North Carolina. It concerns a man named Martin Hurkens of Schinveld, Holland. As a lad, he began singing in churches. At 13, he received a scholarship to a music school, where he studied piano and singing until funding problems forced him to drop out. So Martin turned from a career in music to Plan B -- working in a bakery. For 35 years, he sang while he baked. Then he lost his in 2010.

To provide for his family, Martin sang on the streets for donations from passers-by. That same year he entered the TV show "Holland Has Talent," and won! Since then, he's sung in many cities, but success never went to his head. He does not need donations anymore, but he still puts his hat on the street now and then and sings because he's happy. To join a crowd that gathered to hear him sing, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=COayNmm2bf0

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