Sunday, September 10, 2017

Irma inspires selfless giving

Today's crumb comes from a faithful reader in Redlands, California.  Two Venezuelan natives, Anny Sanchez and Faith D'aubeterre, were evacuated from Miami and were driving slowly north on Interstate 75 in bottleneck traffic when they came to the town of Valdosta, Georgia.  That's where they saw a hand-written sign that said "Free Food," so they pulled over. They were like many evacuees who had no food in their cars or extra money to buy gasoline. That's why Chad Harrison and a group of Valdosta volunteers put on their halos. "We just felt like it was our duty as Americans to come out and cook," he said.

Harrison and his volunteers gathered outside a gas station near an I-75 exit, fired up their grill and loaded it with hot dogs. "We probably fed over 2,000 people on the Interstate today," said Harrison. About 15-20 families have been helped with gas supplies, water, drinks, and just letting their dogs get outside for a few minutes." Anny and Faith were extremely grateful. They told Harrison, "thank you so much for helping us."

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