Thursday, September 28, 2017

Have you tipped a baggage handler lately?

Gus Davis, shown below, is a baggage handler at New York City's LaGuardia airpot. One day recently, he noticed passenger Heather Nashelle, a jewelry maker from Bend, Oregon. Heather had been in the Big Apple for a trade show, and was returning to Bend with 375 pounds of baggage -- mostly products from the show. As soon as she arrived in Bend, she was scheduled to take her son to Oregon Health and Science University for an operation. Gus helped her at the curb, moved her heavy bags to check-in, and said goodbye. Her plane was boarding when Heather's card got declined for the baggage fee. In tears, she knew she would miss her flight and her son's surgery.

What happened next may surprise you. Gus noticed her distress at the ticket counter. He stepped forward immediately; paid her $150 fee without a word, and started rushing her through the busy airport. After he asked TSA to get her through security quickly, the two exchanged contact information and said goodbye. Heather was overcome with gratitude! After returning home, she paid Gus double the original amount of the baggage fee, and started a fundraiser for him on her company website. In four days, the site raised $3,000 to compensate Gus for his kindness.

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