Saturday, September 23, 2017

Boy saves five lives in two days

Steffan Williams is eight years old. He lives in New Quay, Ceredigion, Wales, where he loves to paddle along the coastal waters. Last August, he was in his kayak when he spotted three people in distress. An elderly woman and two teens were crouching on a rock, trapped out at sea by the rising tide.

Steffan paddled to shore; retrieved a dingy, and towed it to the folks who were stranded. After they got in, he towed them back to safety. They were so grateful they gave him a $10 tip. Two days later, he saw two young men standing on a rock at sea, trapped by the tide. Their cell phones had run out of battery power, so they waved, hoping to get his attention. This time, Steffan alerted the Coast Guard who sent a rescue boat for the the boys. When he grows up, Steffan wants to be in the Coast Guard. (This crumb was contributed by a faithful reader of this blog.) 

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