Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trust me, you'll LOVE this video

Can strangers on a New York City subway car come together and have a party between stops? The folks on this car only wanted to get to their destinations. Some were reading, a few were sleeping, when suddenly they were told that a 16th birthday surprise party would be held in their car. Young folks quickly decorated the car between two stops. At the third stop, birthday girl Jenny (who loves subways) boarded the car with an accomplice at the third stop. You can see her total surprise. Best of all, regular riders quickly joined the festivities.

But it was not a real party. It all was staged for regular passengers by a comedy collective called Improv Everywhere which performs unexpectedly in public places. The subway is one of their favorite "stages," where they've had pizza parties, talk shows, even a wedding proposal. Their goal is to delight random strangers through positive pranks. If you watch this three-minute video, you'll see how successful they were, and how happy they made the otherwise bored subway passengers.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejMZdtNReH4

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