Monday, May 8, 2017

The word miracle comes to mind

It happened last month in Highland, Illinois. Two paramedics, Todd Zobrist and Ty Barr, shown below, responded quickly to a 911 call about a car submerged in Silver Lake. Seconds after they arrived, Zobrist removed his sweatshirt and shirt and boots and socks. He swam to the vehicle and inspected it through the front window. The seat was empty, but in the back seat he saw something that looked like a doll. He could only see two feet and two hands, and assumed it was a kid's toy.

Just to be sure, he reached back as far as he could and grabbed the doll's foot. Then he knew it was an infant baby. Zobrist pulled the baby out and quickly went to the top of the vehicle (above the water) and gave it CPR until it began spitting up water. Then Zobrist dove back into the water and swam to shore with one arm, holding the baby above his head with his other arm. Once back at the ambulance, the baby was breathing and both men focused on warming its body. Barr said saving the baby was an unbelievable experience. "Unbelievable and miracle are the two words that come to mind," he said later.

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