Friday, May 12, 2017

Delivering your paper to your doorstep

Yoda is an 11-year-old Labradoodle. She lives with her owner, Ann Szyjka-Pounds in The Villages, a giant golf community in central Florida. Many of the 100,000 retirees in The Villages subscribe to the Daily Sun, and it's delivered before dawn to the curb in front of each subscriber's home, wrapped in plastic. Each morning Ann takes Yoda for a walk, and Yoda notices the rolled up newspapers along the curb.  For the past ten years, she's picked up as many papers as possible from the curb, and carried them to the doorstep of the home where they belong. Ann gives her a treat after each delivery.

                                                                                 George Horsford / Daily Sun
"Some people have trouble getting around, and it's so nice that Yoda takes the paper to their door," says one of Ann's many friends. When their work is finished. Ann takes Yoda home and reads the paper on her patio swing. Golfers go by in their carts and yell, "Hi Annie, Hi Yoda." Afterward, Ann takes Yoda to the dog park, and then it's time for Yoda's nap. Morning comes early, and the Daily Sun has to be delivered.

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