Thursday, May 18, 2017

Another police "incident" you didn't see on the news

It happened this month at Boudins restaurant in Huntington Beach, California.  An elderly customer confessed to restaurant staff that she was lost, and could remember how to get home. They called the police, who they expected to find her address and escort her home. But the police did more.

                                                                                             Alison Zimmer
First, the officers sat down and chatted with her as she finished her sandwich. Then they got her a to-go container and boxed up her leftovers. They even let her finish her glass of wine before driving her home. According the the police department, "She was definitely flirting and probably loved riding in the front seat of the squad car. (That's right. One officer sat in the back so she could ride shotgun.) She's going to have a great story to share with her girlfriends."

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