Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe!"

Saturday, April 29, was Prom Night for students at Edgewood High School in Canton, Texas. It was held in an event hall called The Rustic Barn. Sandwiches were on the kitchen counter. A lobby mirror had a message written in blue cursive, asking, "Shall we dance?" But there was no dancing. Before the prom, when only 20 people including a baby had arrived, a tornado struck the barn and destroyed it. Everyone had crowded into a restroom. A father and his two sons pushed against the door to keep the wind from snapping it open. As the tornado roared, his daughter-in-law pressed toilet paper rolls against her head in the utility closet. Four others were in there with her, all praying aloud. She'd been married at the Barn two years ago, and thought, "This is my time to go." But after the wind stopped, nobody was hurt.

                                                                                                                                Tom Mitchell
The Barn wasn't the only place people prayed during the tornado. Just outside town, Philip Ocheltree and his wife Emily and their children Marshal (4 months) and daughter Addy (18 months) were looking for a storm shelter when their truck washed off the road and flipped over. "It was black. We couldn't see anything," said Emily. "I was just trying to find my babies." What she didn't know was that a group of strangers had gathered around the truck and were trying to open the doors. In the flowing water they found and rescued both babies, who survived, as did their parents. If you have six spare minutes, you can watch raw cell phone video of the brave strangers. You will hear the tornado warning siren in the background and see the water rushing past the truck. And you will hear one of the strangers praying aloud over the first baby brought from the truck, "Dear Jesus, let this baby breathe." The video is blank in places, but video and audio return near the end. Here's the link.

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