Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Seven boys who fall through ice are saved

It happened in a pond in Central Park, New York City, last month. Bennet Jones, 23, and a friend were skateboarding in the park when they noticed nine boys, ages 10-17, jumping on the ice and taking selfies. Then the ice cracked and seven of the boys fell into the frigid water. wearing heavy coats and backpacks. Jones and his friend ran to the shore and saw some ladders, but they were too short to reach the boys.
                                                                                      Courtesy of Bennett Jones
Jones immediately ran chest deep into the water. He grabbed two boys and handed them off to his friend. Then Jones used a ladder which three of the boys clung to and were pulled ashore. By the time Jones got to the last two boys, they were already unconscious. "They wouldn't have made it if I hadn't pulled them out," he said. The boys were taken to area hospitals where they are doing well. Jones, who comes from California, was a junior lifeguard and has surfed his whole life. "Being in the water is second nature to me," he admitted.

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