Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Indianapolis police reduce crime with compassion

"A lot of people out there are hungry," says an Indianapolis east district police officer. "They don't have anything. And this bridges the gap between civilians and police." He's talking about bags of groceries -- containing between 12 and 16 complete meals, which he and his fellow officers are giving to the needy.

                                                                                                            Kelly Wilkerson / Indy Star
Bags are put together with food from Gleaners Food Bank. Almost 1,000 bags will soon be in police hands. "There's a direct connection between crime and hunger," said Gleaners president John Elliott. "Hunger might be the reason for theft. Each bag contains non-perishable food items Food in the bags may help needy families for a few days, but each bag also contains a card to help people get further help if needed. "This is a good way to deter crime," said the police officer.

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