Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Anonymous men to random acts of kindness

Two men from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, have branded themselves "The Pay It Forwards." They do good deeds while concealing their identities by dressing head-to-toe in homemade costumes. "We don't want our names or faces out there," said one man. They admit they get mixed reactions when walking down the street in their outfits.

                                                                                                        Cory McGraw/Global News
"We just want people to know we're there to help, and not harm," said the other man. Most of their kind gestures cost little. Recently they spent time handing out homemade cookies and coffee, as shown above. "That was really nice," said George Gillmore after he got a free coffee and treats from the men while waiting for a ferry.  The two men hope to grow their movement. They would like to expand as much as possible, and help change someone's life. "The sky's the limit," said one man.

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