Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Love More" signs spreading across nation

An alert reader from Columbus, Indiana, shared today's crumb of comfort. It comes from Franklin, Indiana, where a young mom named Erin Davis noticed several hateful or divisive yard signs before the presidential election. She yearned to put up a sign that would encourage unity and joy. When her daughter Wren come home from kindergarten, she brought a picture she'd drawn of a rainbow and a unicorn. This inspired Erin to design a rainbow-themed image behind the words LOVE MORE. Before Halloween, she printed up 18 yard signs like the ones shown here.

Every morning before kindergarten, Erin reminds Wren to "help people if they need help." And since October, the family has been doing that -- raising more than $2,500 for various charities by selling about 700 LOVE MORE signs. Erin is surprised the five-month old idea took off so quickly. She has shipped her signs all over the United States for $7 each. If you'd like to order a sign for your yard, or a friend's yard, visit her Web site,

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