Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The magic trick two boys will never forget

Drake Krainbrink of Reno, Nevada turned ten in February. Last year, his birthday party was held at Impossible's Magic Shop, where local magician Justin Impossible entertains with tricks. It was so much fun that Drake agreed to have this month's party there too. About 50 children and adults attended the party. Many noticed the TV cameras focused on the stage, but were told Justin's act was being recorded for a commercial. Only Justin and Drake's mom and dad knew better.

                                                                                                Jason Bean / Reno Gazette-Journal
To start the act, Justin asked everyone to yell "abracadabra" after he ducked under a curtain. Everyone yelled, and the curtain fell and the magician was gone! In his place stood Drake's dad, Sgt. Ben Krainbrink, who has been deployed in Kuwait and Iraq for the past year. Drake and his brother Zach, both astonished, rushed on stage to hug their dad. Justin said later that he receives special requests all the time, but "this was the first one that had real meaning to it." Sgt. Krainbrink said he "wanted to make a special moment for my boys."

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