Friday, February 17, 2017

When children make us REALLY PROUD

Students on the 5th grade boy's basketball team at St. John the Apostle Catholic School in New Jersey have been playing together for several years. There are not enough girls at the school for form a female team, so two girls who love basketball have always played on the boys' team. Nobody was concerned about this until recently, when the Archdiocese said the female players could no longer play with the boys. With only two games left in the season, and a possible championship at stake, the coach asked for a vote. Would the team rather play without girls, or forfeit the rest of the season?

                                                                                                                                  John O'Boyle
The vote was unanimous to forfeit the rest of the season if the girl teammates could not play. An 11-year-old player whose first name is appropriately Christian said, "If the girls can't play, we won't play either. It's just unfair to the girls. We're not gonna ditch them, and it's a team." This outstanding display of sportsmanship caught media attention, and three members of the team appeared recently on the "Good Morning America" television show. To watch their interview, visit /

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