Thursday, December 17, 2015

Oldest Boy Scout lives near founder's camp

Daniel Carter Beard helped found the Boy Scouts of America when he started Troop 1 in Flushing, NY, around 1910. Until 1940, he welcomed Scouts at his Outdoor School for Boys in the Pocono Mountains near Hawley, PA. Just a day's hike away from Beard's historic camp is the village of Bethany, PA, where the oldest Boy Scout in the world, Tony Seccia, just turned 101. This photo was taken last year, on his 100th birthday.

Seccia joined the Boy Scouts in 1927 when he was twelve. doing odd jobs to earn enough money to buy his first uniform. He married his late wife, Margit, in 1938 and says he still thinks about her every day. He has lived at Bethany Village for three years, where fellow residents voted him "Most Friendly." He was deeply honored when local Scouts attended his 101st birthday celebration. They saluted him and presented him with an official shirt and scarf. Dan Beard would be proud.

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