Thursday, December 24, 2015

Love is never forgotten

When she was only three months old, Amanda Scarpinati was on the brink of pneumonia, so her parents put her on a couch near a hot steam humidifier. She had not yet learned to roll over, so they never expected she'd try that day, but she rolled off the couch onto the humidifier and lay there 60 seconds, burning her face and hands, before she was rescued and rushed to the Albany NY Medical Center.
                                                                                            Amanda Scarpinati / Facebook
The medical center's annual report for 1977 included pictures of Amanda and the nurse who cared for her, and Amanda has kept them for years. She tried to locate the nurse before the era of social media, but the hospital could not identify her. This year she decided to try again, via Facebook. Soon a woman named Angela replied that she worked with this nurse and her name was Susan Berger. A local news station confirmed Berger was the unnamed nurse. She is still nursing and lives near Syracuse, about 2.5 hours from Scarpinati's home in Athens, NY. Berger is touched that Scarpinati is looking for her, since she also has kept the photos all these years. Scarpinati's birthday is soon, and she says meeting the nurse who loved her as a baby will the most rewarding present possible.

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