Saturday, December 26, 2015

Chinese may never have Obamacare, but...

Residents of Juanxin village outside of Chongqing have 36-year-old Dr. Ji Zhengyong. When Dr. Ji was only 14, he lost his right leg in a car accident. His recovery cost him a year of school, but as soon as he graduated he began studying medicine in order to help others who are suffering. In 2003, he opened a practice in his hometown, walking to his patients' homes on one leg. Over the past 12 years, he has worn out 45 crutches.

One of his many patients, Qin Tiansu, was confined to bed after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage last year. His family had no money to send him to a hospital for treatment, but Dr. Ji visited regularly to care for him and bring him medicine, never asking for any payment. Qin can now walk again. "Dr. Ji is my savior," he says.

Villages regard Dr. Ji as "an angel in white," but he says "I've simply done what any doctor is supposed to do."

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