Friday, December 4, 2015

Homeless choir to sing at White House

Donal Noonan is head of music ministry at the Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. About three years ago, he noticed homeless men sitting around the Central Night Shelter and on the walls around the church, looking bored. Noonan remembered advice his Mom told him, "if God gives you talent, you better use it or answer for it." So he invited the homeless men to form a choir. "I can make you sound 'purty,'" he promised, and he succeeded beyond his wildest expectations. On December 21, the Atlanta Homeward Choir will sing at the White House.

                                                                                        Brant Sanderlin, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Southwest Airlines offered round-trip tickets for the group. Central Night Shelter donated $2,100 to buy each man new clothes. Since the invitation arrived, nobody has been late for choir practice. The men even asked for extra rehearsals. They are not sure if the President or his family will stroll by and hear them singing. "One can only hope," said Bryant Allen, 27, a tenor from Detroit. "I can't wait to go."

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