Monday, December 21, 2015

Everyone has a need to give

A young woman was sipping coffee at a Starbucks in Barnes & Noble. The restaurant area was crowded, so she sat beside a shelf of books in the store and was reading one when a stranger approached. "I assume he was old, or at least older," she recalled, "because he had white hair. He just said, 'this is for you,' and handed me a card."

"I said, 'Thank you' and he walked off. I assumed it was a Christmas card, so after a few minutes I got the courage to open it up. The front of the card said, 'Love, Peace and Joy' and inside were printed the words, 'An enjoyable old fashioned Christmas to you and yours.' On the left side of the card, in handwriting, it said, 'Recently my wife passed away and I no longer have that beautiful person to give a gift to. You are a beautiful person. Have a good holiday.'" Inside card was as $50 bill.

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