Friday, May 15, 2015

The church has left the building!

My boyhood summers were spent at Camp Elektor on Lake Teedyuskung in eastern Pennsylvania. We often hiked ten miles from camp to the nearest town, Hawley, just to eat lunch at the diner. Fifty years later, Hawley remains dear to my heart and I often read the News-Eagle online. Today's crumb, which will be enjoyed by readers in the United States, Ukraine, China, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, India, Poland and Sweden, comes from the News-Eagle.

On Sunday, May 31, eleven congregations from five different denominations will not go to church! Instead, they will do community projects like handyman work for the elderly, sprucing up local businesses, writing thank-you notes to local firemen, cleaning up Bingham Park and planting flowers.

The church has left the building.

This year, some of the 200-strong army of church volunteers will also offer free public services. Refreshments and blood pressure screenings will be available in Bingham Park, along with free kids haircuts at the gazebo. Anyone can receive a free car seat safety check, or even a pet blessing. General coordinator Anna Considine says, "We would love to have more community members join us, as you do not need to belong to a local church to participate. All are welcome."

This local initiative recalls a verse by poet Edgar Guest, who wrote, "If God can mark the sparrow's fall, I don't believe He'll fail to notice us and how we act when doubts and fears assail; I think He'll hold what's in our hearts above what's in our creeds, and judge all our religion here by our recorded deeds. And since man is God's greatest work since life on earth began, he'll get to heaven, I believe, who helps his fellowman."

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