Wednesday, May 27, 2015

He's confident he saved the city

As "Crumbs of Comfort" exceeds 9,000 page views, an alert reader from Plymouth, IN, USA, recommended today's crumb. It's about 5-year-old Miles Scott, who was in remission from leukemia. During his "fight" with the disease, the difference between good and evil became very clear to him. He found comfort in super heroes, and his favorite was Batman. His dream in life was to be Batman for a day. The Make-A-Wish Foundation agreed to make his dream come true. Organizers hoped 200 people would show up in the streets of San Francisco (aka "Gotham") on Nov. 15, 2013, to watch him save the city. Instead, 25,000 appeared (some flew in from overseas)  and another two billion followed his heroics on social media. Even President Obama used a Vine message to praise his crime-fighting.

The city was so crowded officials had to create a parade route as Batkid was rushed from one location to another -- saving a woman in distress, stopping the Riddler and capturing the Penguin at AT&T Park. At day's end, a grateful mayor gave him the key to the city. Miles, now 7, is cancer free and has no doubt that he really did save the city. Said one participant, "by helping him save the city, we saved ourselves."

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