Saturday, May 23, 2015

"God did most of the saving."

In the fall of 2011, then 14-year-old Taylor Hale slipped off the hood of a friend's car and hit her head on the pavement -- very hard. She was rushed to the hospital with a brain injury and put into a medically induced coma, but after a week she suffered a brain hemorrhage. Nothing more could be done. She was brain dead. It was time to make final arrangements and take her off life support.

Then, and now.

That day, Jeff Stickel, a friend of Taylor's parents, visited the hospital and asked permission to pray for her.  He felt God had called him to help. He put his hands on Taylor's neck and asked God to heal her. Hours later, her life support was shut off, but when she struggled to take a breath under her own power, it was reconnected and her brain activity began to increase. She tried to talk as she awoke from her coma. From that day on, progress was slow but steady. First a wheel chair, then a walker, then walking by herself. She missed her freshman year of high school, but a tutor helped her catch up with academics. This month, she graduated from Waukee High School with her class, and she'll attend junior college next fall.

How did it happen? The doctors say nobody recovers from the hemorrhage she had. Taylor and her parents use the same phrase to describe her recovery -- the hand of God.  "God can save people," Taylor says. "I'm always thankful to all the doctors and nurses and therapists who helped me get better, but God did most of the saving."

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