Friday, February 26, 2021

Man's best friend branches out

The temperature read minus 58 Fahrenheit on a Saskatchewan farm recently when a calf that couldn't wait decided to be born. Bonnie Potoroka had gone out to check on her pregnant heifer only to find the cow's newborn calf had arrived ahead of schedule and was already in danger from the elements.
"It just wasn't warm enough," she said. "A baby calf is wet when it's born, and she was already getting cold and her ears were starting to freeze, so I took her into the heated shop and that's where she stayed. She may have missed her mama, but along with the heater, the new calf also got an extremely warm reception from Potoroka's collie, Mickey. In fact, when the baby isn't in the barn with her mom, the pair are pretty much inseparable.

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