Tuesday, February 23, 2021

KFC serves chicken and love

 Jason Schweitzer first met Emilia when he was 5-years-old and his mom would stop at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Toronto, Canada, for a weekly meal. There was an almost instant rapport between the little boy and the sweet-natured worker who took a shine to him. He remembers, "She would always hook me up with some French fries. She was always very kind and very funny." Recently, Schweitzer grew concerned for Emilia's well-being during the pandemic, so he came up with a plan to honor the woman who'd been serving her own brand of KFC customer service to the community for almost fifty years.

In order to be sure that 70-year-old Emilia would have transportation, PPE, rent money and other necessities, as well as a financial cushion for the future, he set up a GoFundMe on her behalf, "so Emilia can continue being an amazing person." In a matter of days, donations totaling more than $25,000 flooded in, and were on target to reach the campaign's $30,000 goal. Schweitzer is extremely grateful.

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