Monday, February 8, 2021

In Salisbury, people enjoy getting vaccinated

The 800-year-old cathedral in Salisbury, England, has become a mass vaccination center. David Halls is the cathedral's music director, so he did what he does best. He sat down on the bench and began to play the historic organ.

 He offers a bit of Bach, Handel, and even some Rogers & Hammerstein, to the public as they shuffle through the nave to get their shots. "At times of crisis, people come together and want to listen to music," he says. "So I don't think it's any surprise the effect soothing music has on people who probably are feeling quite stressed for various reasons."  (As reported in The Christian Science Monitor)

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  1. Thanks. To me the most beautiful cathedral in England! Loved going there when I lived in England and twice when visiting after that.