Sunday, February 21, 2021

A warm crumb from icy Texas

Chelsea Timmons delivers groceries to customers in Austin, Texas. She was making her final delivery last Sunday, Valentine's Day, before the storm hit. But road conditions worsened quickly, and when she got to her customer's home, she drove down their sloping driveway but could not get back up to the road. Her customers, Nina Richardson and Doug Condon, offered to let her wait inside until a tow truck came, but after several hours AAA called to say her location was "inaccessible due to current conditions." 

That's when the couple offered Chelsea their guest bedroom for the night. "Not only that, but they cooked me a steak dinner!" she said. Chelsea said she bonded with Nina and Doug, who luckily still had power and water and food. "Every morning when I suggested going to a hotel, they'd ask if I could make it there safely. What would I eat? What if they lose power? For five days, they basically refused to let me leave. Every morning they'd say, 'No worries. Stay a bit longer,' and I'd go up to 'my' room and shed tears of joy." 

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