Thursday, February 18, 2021

Folks who live near Laurel, Maryland, love crabs

Two Laurel, Maryland twin sisters have started a first-of-its-kind business in the region -- a crab delivery service. Rae and La Middleton both have culinary degrees, but lost their jobs in March due to the pandemic. One day the twins were at brunch when they craved crabs. "We wanted crabs delivered, but realized no one in the area delivers," they said. 

So they took matters into their own hands and started the R and L Crab Company. "We went home that day and started making fliers, and we were shocked to get our first order that day," La said. "We deliver everything ourselves, we cook everything ourselves, and when we have 20 orders, we split them among the two of us." The twins says they never reheat. Every delivery in cooked-to-order and delivered to area customers within 30 minutes


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