Saturday, February 25, 2017

We thank an alert reader in Peru, IN, for this crumb

Rossville, Indiana, has about 1,600 residents. Eleven miles away, Delphi, Indiana, is slightly bigger, with about 2,800. Each town is tight-knit, and Delphi suffered tragedy recently when Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13, never returned home from hiking together. Their bodies were found on Valentine's Day in the woods near Deer Creek. Investigators suspect a double-homicide.

Down in Rossville, Keaden Thomas heard about the girls' death. He wanted to help, but as a third-grader he didn't have much to give, until he came up with the idea of "Penny Prayers." Students at his Rossville Elementary could help by donated pennies and a prayer to the grieving families. He started a three-day collection with his Principal, Chad Dennison, and collected $4,500, which will be divided between the German and Williams families. Dennison admits, "we did pass the bucket at our basketball game against Faith Christian High School, and raised over $1,300 that night among the two schools. It was a big crowd."

Keaden Thomas' mother, Kristi Harris, said, "Not everyone is in the financial situation to give a large amount, but kids always have a penny to spare. It's really the thought that counts, and showing that you're thinking of them in time of need." Principal Dennison adds, "In the end, we are building citizens at this school."

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