Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ordinary people can make a big difference

Homeless people were sleeping in front of the Pall Mall Court in Manchester, England, recently. "It's a spot where people can keep warm and sheltered," said Jennie Platt, a local mom. To keep the homeless away, Pall Mall Court installed beds of spikes over the heat vents on the sidewalk to keep the homeless away. Jennie saw the installation on her local news, and was horrified. So she took action.

                                                                                                             Platt Family / Facebook
She recruited her sons, George and Sam, for a special Sunday shopping mission. Together they bought pillows and chocolate bars from Primark. Then they went to the mall to cover the painful spikes with soft cushions. They also left sandwiches, and a sign that said, "Take a seat and have a bite to eat." Jennie said she thought the spikes were "a Scroogey thing to do. People don't need to be that mean." After a public outcry, the benches of spikes were removed, just 48 hours later.

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