Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sometimes angels wear blue

In Spokane, Washington, this week Kimberly Novak was driving home from the store when her car suddenly died. Nothing would work. Not even the manual door locks. She could not open the doors or windows. Then she noticed smoke coming from the engine, and then flames, lots of them. She was terrified, until Officer Tim Schwering of the Spokane Police Department appeared outside her door.

Footage from his body camera show him using his baton over and over again to eventually smash the car window, even when flames were licking at his arm. Finally he shattered the safety glass, and he and a neighbor pulled Kimberly safely from the vehicle. So now Officer Schwering is her angel, her hero and her new best friend. "He's going to get tired of me in this life," she says, "because he's going to know me forever."

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